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Screen Printing

For Customers Large and Small...Screen Printing is the Cornerstone of Steel Apparel USA

Screen Printing is where we started and still comprises the majority of what we do. With the top of the line  Screen Printing Presses and a capacity to fulfill any size order, we love to work on orders from 10 to 10,000 - whether you are organizing a small family reunion or manufacturing on a massive scale Steel will work for you.

Price Factors:

Type of Garment: For almost every product type we have an inexpensive, mid-range, and high end option, and there are many styles to choose from – not just t-shirts!

Quantity Ordered: Due to the setup involved in screenprinting, the more shirts you order, the lower your price will be as you pass price break points.

Number of Locations Printed: Each location requires new setup and runs for your imprint. A front print only will always be cheaper than a front and back print.

Number of Colors on Each Design: The number of colors in each design affects the run time and setup for each location. A one color print will be less expensive than a three color print. If you have a lot of colors and tones of colors in your design, a process print may be a cheaper solution.

In-Hands Date: Orders are produced on-demand for your due date. Garments needed in a few days from your order placement date will be more expensive than those needed in a few weeks.

T Shirt Printing
Screen Printing

Eco Friendly Inks

We strive to make the world a better place and are always on the lookout for products that will significantly reduce their ecological footprint. One thing we can do to contribute to the preservation of our environment is to use inks that are eco-friendly and safe.

Eco Friendly Inks

  Water-based ink printing now available

The Basics: A high end ink made for super soft shirts (commonly used in retail printing).

  • How It Works: The ink dyes the garment directly, literally removing the color of the shirt and replacing it with the color of the image.

  • Longevity: Water based prints last as long as the garment does.

  • Brightness: Water based prints are bright and true to the mock up provided by Real Thread. Pending your choice of shirt and color, certain fabric dyes will react differently to water based inks. You can see a full collection of water based approved shirts here. 

  • Feel: The water based print is super soft, breathable and literally a part of the garment. After the first wash, the print is unable to be felt on the shirt.

  • Ease of Use: Water based ink is a higher quality ink that takes significant training to use. Due to the ink dying the shirt, water based screen printers need to have significant knowledge on fabric types and ink reaction.

Water Based Print
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